Marcus Reed
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In my role as Art Manager, I have managed teams of artists across Video Game, Virtual Reality and Broadcast Projects, including Intel True VR, PGA Tour VR, Wheel of Fortune Slots: The Ultimate Collection (IOS/Android), the Emmy award winning, NASCAR RaceView (IOS/Android).


  • Versatile 3D Visual Designer with 10 years of professional experience across the television, video game and the VR industries.
  • Currently manage a team of 3D artists on Wheel of Fortune Slots, The Ultimate Collection (IOS/Android).
  • Worked as 3D Technical Artist on Voke VR app (Oculus store for Gear VR.)
  • Managed a team of artists across digital media and broadcast projects, including the Emmy award winning IOS, Android and PC product, NASCAR RaceView, the highest-grossing sports application in the App Store in Feb 2014.
  • Hands on development in VR platforms (Samsung Gear VR, Oculus SDK.)
    Hands om mobile development, with a strong focus on asset optimization and integration.
  • Hands on experience working with Aerial Survey Data (Photogrammetry) for 3D asset creation.
  • Led the design initiative in Feb 2015 to introduce the Time Trials Game to Raceview, a new feature allows you to race 3 laps against the pole winners ghost car from the previous year's race.
  • 3D skills with a focus on modeling/texturing for both character and hard surface models.
  • Strong visual problem-solving skills, good cross-team collaboration.
  • Experience establishing both 2D and 3D pipelines for assets.
  • Collaborated with various broadcasters including ESPN, FOX, and TBS on a wide range of on-air sports television graphics for the NFL, MLB, and NASCAR franchises.
  • Worked as a 3D character artist on EA's shipped title, The Sims 2.
  • Managed outsourcing of art assets with external vendors, and overseas partners.
  • Unity 3D game development experience.
  • AGILE/scrum experience.
  • Asset management/version control experience. (GitHub, Subversion, Perforce)
  • Fine art background with ability to draw and sketch out ideas and translate them into the 3D world.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Aftereffects for motion graphics.

Primary Skills

  • Practical art direction across multiple art disciplines ranging from UI design to 3D design.
  • Character modeling and texturing abilities with Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop for video game and television graphics.
  • Environment modeling and texturing abilities with Maya and Photoshop for video game and television graphics.
  • Unity 3D engine environment artist experience; including modern video game optimization techniques such as level of detail, MIP mapping, efficient UV layout, texturing, memory constraints, lightmapping, normal and ambient occlusion mapping.

 Professional Experience
2/2019-present, Creative Lead, Intel Corporation (ISG Experience Team)

  • Experience team creative lead of Intel Sports Group (ISG). Provide overall art direction on Intel immersive consumer products that utilize VR/AR and volumetric video capabilities. Tasks include 3D art, UI/UX layout, 2D mockups and visual design strategy. Work closely with brand and sporting league partners to translate their respective designs into immersive media formats.
  • Provided overall art/UX direction for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics VR app.

2/2017-2/2019, 3D Visual Designer, Intel Corporation (VR Entertainment)

  • Provided overall concept art, UI/UX documentation, and art direction for award winning PGA TOUR VR (GearVR/Daydream). Created all final production 3D and 2D graphics in the Unity 3D scene, as well as provided overall unity art integration.
  • Provided overall concept and art direction for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics VR app. (GearVR/Daydream/Windows MR). Worked closely with UX team and visual designers to implement core app features in accordance with product requirement documents.
  • Provided overall UI/UX documentation, an art direction for Intel True VR (GearVR/Daydream). Created all final production 3D and 2D graphics in the Unity 3D scene, as well as provided overall unity art integration.
  • Provided UI/UX documentation, mockups and final assets for MLB, NFL channels within Intel True VR.
  • Hands on individual contributor with a focus on 3D art for mobile.
  • Worked closely with external vendors and contractors on various features within the application.

9/2015-1/2017, Art Manager, GSN Games (Video Game Entertainment)

  •  Art management of 3D art team for Wheel of Fortune Slots, The Ultimate Collection (IOS/Android). Provided general art direction to group on all aspects of the Unity 3D scene, 2D popup dialogs (TextMesh Pro), as well as overall unity art integration.
  • Worked closely with production and design to implement core game features in compliance with game and product design documents.
  • Collaborated with UI/UX to implement 2D and 3D core feature flows in Unity.
  • Hands on individual contributor with a focus on 3D art for mobile.
  • Managed the outsourcing of art assets with external vendors and partners overseas.

5/2016-8/2016, 3D Technical Artist (Contract), Voke VR (VR Entertainment)

  • Contracted as 3D technical artist on Voke VR app. (Released in Oculus Store for Gear VR) Responsible for 3D asset creation in maya, and integration into Unity 3D.
  • Created 3D art for VR demo for Portland Timbers soccer app on Samsung Gear VR
  • Collaborated with internal developers for integration with Oculus SDK

4/2014-9/2015, Art Director, Sportvision (Television Broadcast Enhancement)

  • Manage team of artists for various 2D and 3D broadcast effects for multiple clients including NFL, FOX, ESPN, MLB, and NASCAR. These graphics include effects such as Down and Distance arrows for the NFL, PitchFX for MLB, Driver Telemetry, and Raceview Mobile for NASCAR.
  • Provide art direction for the company, through storyboards, sketches, and style guides.
  • Established 2D and 3D art pipelines across our broadcast and digital products.
  • Hands on individual contributor with a focus on real-time 3D models ranging from organic humanoid to hard surface vehicles.
  • Work very closely with television networks and sporting leagues to ensure the authenticity of their brands.
  • Collaboration on projects using AGILE/scrum development, utilizing JIRA for bug-tracking, and SVN for version control.
  • Implemented version control process for art assets on multiple projects.

1/2006-4/2014, Senior 3D Artist, Sportvision (Television Broadcast Enhancement)

  • Responsibilities include supervising a team of three artists, to ensure the quality and consistency of all of the 3D artwork across the company.
  • Tasks include working with 3D team to create all of the 28 NASCAR Tracks and virtual car skins for Raceview, an online fully rendered virtual representation of NASCAR races.
  • Modeling and texturing of NASCAR car models and their accompanying LODs for Raceview product.
  • Created Unity graphics pipeline for weekly asset generation, updates, and quality assurance of virtual car skins. Optimized all 3D assets for use in Unity engine.
  • Worked closely with engineering to integrate GPS data structure into Unity graphics pipeline. Tasks involve the conversion of track survey data and car GPS location into accurate representations of all tracks and cars.
  • Created and or implemented various broadcast graphics in accordance with the design specifications of clients such as FOX, ESPN, and TBS. I primarily worked in Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects and proprietary rendering software. These graphics include effects such as Down and Distance arrows for the NFL, VIP Frames for MLB, and Driver Telemetry for NASCAR.


04/2005-02/2006, 3D Character Modeler, Electronic Arts (Video Game Entertainment)

  • Tasks include the modeling, texturing, and rigging of characters and props for the Sims 2 console video game.
  • Characters and props built to concepts artists designs.
  • Created LODs for characters and props according to pipeline standards.
  • Worked with engineers to solve art integration bugs in the character creation portion of game engine


San Francisco Academy of Art University
Master of Fine Arts, 3D Modeling
University of Wisconsin Madison
Bachelor of Art, Interarts and Technology

                2017 Winner of Cynopsis Digital Model D Award (PGA Tour VR Live)
               “Best Use of Companion VR or 360 Degree Video for TV or Digital Content.”

                2015 Panelist on two5six conference
                Invited to speak on a panel about the intersection of video games and culture ("Spectators & Sports")

                2013 Raceview Mobile featured in the App Store
Raceview mobile featured in the sports section of the Apple App Store
                2011 Sports Emmy Award
Emmy Award-America's Cup Highlight Show
                 2011 Adobe Max Award
Adobe Max Award in Entertainment for Sportvision and Turner Sports Raceview.
RaceviewPC for

2007 Sports Emmy Award
Emmy Award-Outstanding Technical Team-Remote
Nascar on Fox