Marcus Reed
(650) 201-0994

-8 years of professional experience as an environment and character artist in the television, video game and the visual simulation industries.
-Unity 3D game development experience.
- Developed Raceview 3D artwork for both IOS and Android.
-Worked as Senior Artist on Raceview Mobile, a shipped iPhone application featured in the app store.
-Management experience on Sportvision's 3D online NASCAR product, Raceview. Includes supervising a team of three artists, to ensure the quality and consistency of all of the 3D artwork across the product.
-Collaborated with various broadcasters including ESPN, FOX and TBS on a wide range of on-air sports television graphics for the NFL, MLB and NASCAR franchises.
-Worked as a 3D character artist on EA's shipped title, The Sims 2.
-Fine arts background with ability to draw and sketch out ideas, and translate them into the 3D world.
-Experience delivering quality work within demanding television schedules and deadlines.
-Strong problem solving skills, good team communication with engineers and other artists.
-Self sufficient artist with strong work ethic who is quick to integrate into various team workflows.

Primary Skills
-Character modeling and texturing abilities with Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop for video game and television graphics.
-Environment modeling and texturing abilities with Maya and Photoshop for video game and television graphics.
-Unity 3D engine environment artist experience; including modern video game optimization techniques such as level of detail, MIP mapping, efficient UV layout, texturing, memory constraints, lightmapping, normal and ambient occlusion mapping.

Professional Experience
1/2006-present, Senior 3D Artist, Sportvision (Television Broadcast Enhancement)
-Responsibilities include supervising a team of three artists, to ensure the quality and consistency of all of the 3D artwork across the company.
-Tasks include working with 3D team to create all of the 28 NASCAR Tracks and virtual car skins for Raceview, an online fully rendered virtual representation of NASCAR races.

-Modeling and texturing of NASCAR car models and their accompanying LODs for Raceview product.

-Created Unity graphics pipeline for weekly asset generation, updates and quality assurance of virtual car skins. Optimized all 3D assets for use in Unity engine.

-Worked closely with engineering to integrate GPS data structure into Unity graphics pipeline. Tasks involve the conversion of track survey data and car GPS location into accurate representations of all tracks and cars.

-Created and or implemented various broadcast graphics in accordance with the design specifications of clients such as FOX, ESPN and TBS. I primarily worked  in Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects and proprietary rendering software. These graphics include effects such as Down and Distance arrows for the NFL, VIP Frames for MLB, and Driver Telemetry for NASCAR.

04/2005-02/2006, 3D Character Modeler, Electronic Arts (Video Game Entertainment)
-Tasks include the modeling, texturing and rigging of characters and props for the Sims 2 console video game.
-Characters and props built to concepts artists designs.
-Created LODs for characters and props according to pipeline standards.
-Worked with engineers to solve art integration bugs in the character creation portion of game engine

12/2004-04/2005, 3D Environment Modeler, Reality Response (Visual Simulation)
-Tasks include the modeling, texturing of environments and props for use in military training simulation software.
-Created animations for specific military training situations.
-Optimized models and textures to run in real-time environments.

San Francisco Academy of Art University
9/2000-5/2003 Master of Fine Arts, 3D Modeling

University of Wisconsin Madison
9/1994-5/2000 Bachelor of Art, Interarts and Technology

2013 Raceview Mobile featured in the IOS App Store
Raceview mobile featured in the sports section of IOS App Store.
IOS App Store

2011 Sports Emmy Award
Emmy Award-America's Cup Highlight Show

2011 Adobe Max Award
Adobe Max Award in Entertainment for Sportvision and Turner Sports Raceview
Raceview for

2007 Sports Emmy Award
Emmy Award-Outstanding Technical Team-Remote
Nascar on Fox